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Embark on a journey of deep relaxation at Circulate where stress melts away. Move at your own pace,  rhythm and flow as you journey through warming up, cooling down, and resting. Community sessions are lightly hosted, providing a welcoming introduction in an atmosphere of open discovery. A host is available for support making it an ideal setting for newcomers and seasoned enthusiasts.

Regulate your nervous system

Heat up the body at the temperature and time frame meant for you

Build resilience

Cool down in your own time and pace


Rest and attune to your state of balance

Circulate's Steam Sauna

The wood-fired sauna is infused with nature’s essences for a deep elemental connection. This unique thermal haven combines hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and more, offering a spacious environment with a vast view! Catering to all preferences from mild, medium to more intense heat ranging 75-90C on the high bench to 60-75C on the lower. The steam ranges between 30-70%. The sauna is complemented by cooling options and nature connection, all set within an inclusive atmosphere for all.

What is a Community Sauna?

A community sauna serves as a hub for rest and renewal in a relaxing and safe space with people you may or may not know. The sauna is a tool to relax, creating the conditions for connection and a sense of community.

Cultural Sweat Bathing

Cultural sweat bathing practices such as a community sauna can serve as a pathway to our shared humanity, coming together to create peace and a greater understanding of ourselves, others and our relationship with nature.

Many cultures throughout the world practice thermal sweat bathing as both a cultural tradition and as a tool for social cohesion and overall well-being. From sacred Indigenous sweat lodges across Turtle Island (the Americas), public saunas in Scandinavian, Baltic and Slavic countries and the public baths in Middle Eastern, African, Asian and European cultures, traditional bathing offers an accessible health measure integrated into society as a cultural health practice.

Health Benefits

The health benefits are wide-reaching as studies point to the wide-ranging health benefits of thermal sweat bathing. Similar to exercise but without moving, hot and cold therapy relaxes and contracts the blood vessels, increasing circulation throughout the body.

Calming stress relief

Releases feel good hormones such as endorphins and dopamine which blocks pain.

Immune Strength

Strengthens the lymphatic (immune) system through the stimulation of lymph nodes, which increases white blood cell generation.

Improves Sleep

Deep quality sleep patterns can occur after heating and cooling the body.

Mood Regulation

Releases serotonin, the same neurochemical that antidepressants increase in the brain.

Reduces Inflammation

Stimulating blood flow reduces inflammation, swelling, injury and pain.

Improves Breathing

Those with asthma and pulmonary disease have reported improved breathing as the bronchioles (smooth muscles) in the lungs relax.

Clears the Skin

Sweating removes dead skin and bacteria leaving the skin smooth and replenished.

Create a sense of belonging and connection

with oneself, nature, people, community.

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