Making Wellness Accessible for All

Donate to the Accessibility Fund

To us, being a member of a community means making access to our offerings easier for those of us in disadvantaged positions. Many seek safety and care in a more natural health setting, which Circulate is privileged to offer. Therefore, the Accessibility Fund provides a subsidy so those experiencing financial barriers and identifying with an equity-deserving group can experience Circulate at little to no cost. 

Tap into the Accessibility Fund

Do you experience financial barriers to accessing wellness and identify with an equity-deserving group?  
Funds are based on availability in the fund on a first-come first-requested basis. Contact us to learn more.

Energy Exchange

Apply to volunteer in exchange for sauna time! Help with set up, clean-up or other tasks. One hour and a half will give you access to a community session.

Donate to the Accessibility Fund

Please note that our booking platform is free for non-profit organizations. Donating to the Zeffy platform is OPTIONAL. There’s no obligation to contribute and any amount is accepted. 

Tap into the Accessibility Fund

Energy Exchange Application

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